Friday, October 1, 2010


I can't believe it is a month this the last post!  This week has been so busy with work, kids, kids church, home group, birthday parties, the grandma coming into town, I haven't had time to reflect.  I have really devoted a lot more time outside of the gym to my clients, figuring out what makes them tick and ways to improve their workouts when I am not there. I have spent time creating specific nutrition plans for each client who is really struggling, and all this researching in turn helps myself of course to achieve the body I want:)  I absolutely love what I do, I really think I will work in this field forever!  I am struggling however trying to balance my training life and my spiritual life. 
I think I have mentioned before how much I love our home group! We have been doing a fabulous study these past few weeks and I have learned so much.  I have written down several things that really stood out to me, but it's pretty deep.  One thing that caught my attention last night was that God truly wants to have a deep relationship with us.  And I know this on the outside,  but I get sucked into so many of lies that the world tells me.  The world says to me, "do what makes you happy, work work work, people only judge you by the outside, it's okay to spend lots of time doing something as long as it's healthy, fitness is your life, etc".  What I am trying to say in a round-about way is that I often let my job/lifestyle be my first priority, and even though it is healthy to work hard and take care of my body, it's not okay for me to let it get in the way of my  relationship with my God.  I want to read my Bible more, I want to find out more about what God wants to say to me through his word.  I am not saying that my job is sinful, I am saying that  I need to balance my lifestyle with my relationship with God, and that He needs to come first before anything.  A lot of the time I spend on bettering myself or learining ways to make muscles cry could be used to study God's word.   Sooo.....  I am going to do that now:)


  1. Kayli, I just found out you had this blog and read it for the first time. How awesome! We really love having you and your family at home group. We look forward to getting you know you guys better. You are an awesome sister in Christ, keep up the good race! ~Heather~

  2. Life gets busy sometime but I want you to know that I really look forward to reading what's on your mind. Love you so much. I'm blessed to have you as my daughter.